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ADDED October 2, 2016 Some last minute additions

Bing Crosby with Paul Whiteman
Recorded Cylinders
Edison Diamond Disc phonograph owners manual c1915
THE GROOVE by Victor 1947
Louis Armstrong Records - photos
Columbia Demo Record Sleeve 1913
Old Ned Record
Gramophone and Typewriter Records
Columbia 2491
Fantasy for Clarinet and Strings - Barney Bigard
Victor 3600 - Prize Winners
DUBLIN'S Doc Evans Album 1947
Hit Of The Week Records
Jelly Roll Morton New Orleans Memories
ADDED July 1, 2019
CLICK HERE to hear a fine collection of vintage West African music recorded from 78 rpm records. Good music! Enjoy!
ADDED February 8, 2017
CLICK HERE to hear a collection Portuguese Fado music recorded from 78 rpm records. Good music! Enjoy!
ADDED October 27, 2014
CLICK HERE to see and hear a fine collection of pre-WWII Japanese records, mostly classical early Japanese material. Very little western influence. Enjoy!
ADDED September 17, 2013
CLICK HERE to hear Serbo-Croatian recordings c.1925-1935 from a small collection of 78 rpm records. Some very interesting recordings, a few surprises. Enjoy!
ADDED November 1, 2012
CLICK HERE I believe this is the complete collection of Moran and Mack's TWO BLACK CROWS recordings on COLUMBIA label records from 1927-1928. Includes TWO BLACK CROWS 1 - 8 plus TWO BLACK CROWS IN HADES and TWO BLACK CROWS IN THE JAIL HOUSE. I don't think they recorded any other records with the TWO BLACK CROWS title. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE This is one of those old 'exercise to music' albums from the 1920s. Features Charles Collins calling the exercises. Amazing condition, might be NOS. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE ENRICO CARUSO sings SPIRTO GENTIL from Donizetti's 'Favorita' Originally Recorded 1906 Here Reissued as 12 inch Victrola 88004 c.1919 Pressed from original 1906 Master

CLICK HERE for a small group of 1920s COLUMBIA label records featuring Ukrainian music. At first, I assumed many of these songs were pure Klezmer music, but I was informed this is definitely NOT Klezmer. However, research has revealed these songs represent the roots of Klezmer music. Very cool and good listening!

CLICK HERE for a small group of good quality PATHE label records from the late 'teen - early 1920s. Soon as I get a Pathe player, I'll record them.

CLICK HERE This is a 1905 10 3/4 inch SOCIETA ITALIANA DI FONOTIPIA Sample Record. The regular issues are scarce enough, but their Sample Records are quite rare. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE for a couple 12 inch European pressed ODEON label 78s featuring Dr Frieder Weissmann conducting the State Opera House Orchestra, Berlin. This is very early in his career, from his first recording sessions as a conductor. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to see 4 12 inch red Vocalion label records, opera from the mid-1920s. Rare!

CLICK HERE to see a small but splendid collection of early HARMONY and COLUMBIA label 78s. Near as I can tell, these are near mint condition in the original sleeves.

ADDED July 31, 2012
CLICK HERE to see my new Edison Amberola cylinder player. Got it from Craigslist and it seems to work just fine, though the stylus needs replacing. Very cool! c1918
CLICK HERE to see my new Victor Victrola model VV-X. From the same Craigslist ad the Amberola came from. This is a little gem and works great! See it play on YouTube.
CLICK HERE to see a red and black variegated wax Pathe from 1926. This was a promotion for Pathe, but it doesn't seem to have worked as they are quite scarce now. Probably not many sold originally.
CLICK HERE to see a really rare 1928 Jimmie Rogers record. Has a song from his original recording session for Victor at Camden labeled IF BROTHER JACK WERE HERE, credited to J. Rodgers. Turns out it was a song he pirated from someone else called MY MOTHER WAS A LADY. Only the first pressing has the Brother Jack title and is very hard to find. This record is nearly mint condition, too!
ADDED July 9, 2012
CLICK HERE to hear a recently acquired collection of Hit of the Week records. There are 105 different Hit of the Week records represented in this new group, with release dates ranging from April 10, 1930 to June 23, 1932. Enjoy!
ADDED June 24, 2012
CLICK HERE for my first Black Swan label record, this one featuring gospel music by Herbert Black.
CLICK HERE for a comparison of a Batwing and Scroll Victor 12 inch blue label 78 rpm with the same pressings, the first originally issued about 1926, the 2nd about 1935.
CLICK HERE for Cy Walters' first solo album recorded and issued by the Liberty Music Shop in New York, c.1942 or so.
CLICK HERE for a Musicraft album of various forms of Chinese music. Interesting.
CLICK HERE for a 7 record album set of 12 inch records by Musicraft featuring the 1937 play "THE CRADLE WILL ROCK' featuring Marc Blitzstein and the original cast of the show. I belive this is the very first record album of a play with the original cast. Vary hard to find!
CLICK HERE for a small group of 1907 Marconi label 78 rpm records with sleeves. Rare stuff here.
CLICK HERE for a DECCA 12 record album set of Music of the Orient issued in 1939. A collection of early recordings from around the world compiled into a collection of 24 sides. Very interesting.
CLICK HERE to hear Lilly Bell May June by Django Reinhardt, recorded in 1935 - Includes lyrics
CLICK HERE to hear the original 1940 GENERAL label album set 'New Orleans Memories' by Jelly Roll Morton. This was his last recording session and is RARE!
CLICK HERE for a collection of blue 'party records' from the 1940s. These were illegal to buy, sell, or posessess when they were made because they violated the very strict obscenity laws of the period. Doesn't mean they weren't produced, though. Lots were made and sold 'under the counter' just about everywhere records were sold. The labels are mostly blank so the producers could be anonymous in case the Feds decided to do some snooping around. Enjoy!
CLICK HERE to hear Billie Holiday's recording of 'Your Mother's Son-In-Law', her very first recording session (and with Benny Goodman, to boot!) It was recorded in 1933 and released on a blue wax Columbia label 78.
CLICK HERE to hear the original 1939 Billie Holiday recordings of 'Strange Fruit' and 'Fine and Mellow' on Commodore label 78 record
CLICK HERE to enjoy a small group of Tommy Dorsey swing tunes on Canadian pressed 'Swing Classic' Victor 78s
CLICK HERE to hear Johnny Cash sing 'I Walk The Line' recorded from the original #241 SUN label 78 rpm record
CLICK HERE and listen to Debra Paget and Marilyn Monroe sing, recorded from 20th Century Fox 'rehearsal' discs, cut (not pressed) so the stars could take them home and rehearse! CLICK HERE - Wrong mark in dead wax on Canadian STARR label
CLICK HERE - 1941 University of Texas Longhorn Band Recording
CLICK HERE - Sam 'n' Henry, Correll and Gosden's early version of Amos 'n' Andy
CLICK HERE - Los Bustardos - Walt Disney
CLICK HERE - 1923 Columbia label Sample Records
CLICK HERE - Interesting labels from a collection acquired April 21, 2012
CLICK HERE - Al Grant (Guy Mithcell) Unreleased Juke Box record
CLICK HERE - Canadian HMV Victor Swing Classic records
CLICK HERE and listen to Dinah Shore sing a very fine 'Whatever Lola Wants', recorded from a Radio Recorders 78 rpm 'MASTER REFERENCE' pressing. very hot!
CLICK HERE for Flamenco style music by Carlos Montoya, recorded from an LP from 1976 or so
CLICK HERE for 1929 sheet music for Jimmie Rodgers "Blue Yodel #4" (California Blues)
CLICK HERE for a brief history of the United Record Company
CLICK HERE for A Recordio Record player, recorder, and radio
CLICK HERE for A small collection of Record Guild of America children's records
CLICK HERE for a small group of recordings by the Golden Gate Quartet (where Elvis got his singing style)(Yes, That Elvis!!)
CLICK HERE for Al "Jazzbo" Collins reciting Grimm's Fairy Tales for hip kids.
CLICK HERE for Collection of vintage Arabic Music recorded from old 78 rpm records
CLICK HERE for Collection of vintage French music recorded from old 78 rpm records
CLICK HERE for Collection of vintage Greek music recorded from old 78 rpm records.
CLICK HERE for Collection of vintage Italian music recorded from old 78 rpm records
CLICK HERE for Collection of vintage Japanese music recorded from old 78 rpm records
CLICK HERE for Collection of vintage Jewish/Yiddish/Hebrew recordings from olf 78 rpm records
CLICK HERE for Collection of vintage Latin music recorded from old 78 rpm records
CLICK HERE for Collection of vintage Russian music recorded from old 78 rpm records
CLICK HERE for Collection of a few old recordings on YouTube
CLICK HERE for Dartmouth College "Barbary Coast Orchestra", 1942
CLICK HERE for Edison Sheraton Phonograph Owner's Manual
CLICK HERE for Fats Waller Sample Records-Studio Test Pressings
CLICK HERE for Garrard RC/121 Operators Manual
CLICK HERE for Opera Disc Record c.1922
CLICK HERE for Sheet Music for Mac's The Bum Song
CLICK HERE for Snow White Studio Test Pressings c.1937
CLICK HERE for Vintage Ruth Rubin album with Jewish/Yiddish/Hebrew songs
CLICK HERE for ColRePric
CLICK HERE for Graham
CLICK HERE for LHughes
CLICK HERE for MHoward
CLICK HERE for New08-29-10
CLICK HERE for New09-13-10
CLICK HERE for Piron
CLICK HERE for RecStudio
CLICK HERE for YouTube
CLICK HERE for astatic
CLICK HERE for kear
CLICK HERE for labels
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