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This label produced in Warsaw, Poland until the outbreak of WWI in 1914. This company was headquartered in Berlin. Amazing that this record survived at all, just about unheard of in this condition!

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This label is quite rare. When they were produced, Latvia was a part of Russia. After the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks thought this type of music was too decadent so they gathered up all these old records and destroyed them. New records were produced more in tune with the ideals of the new government.

I suspect this record belonged to some Latvian folks who immigrated to the U.S. before the revolution and brought it with them. Amazing it has remained in such good condition.

I've posted these on YouTube and folks have added those postings to web sites all over the world. Seems they are newsworthy. There doesn't seem to be a lot of pre-WWI, pre-Russian Revolution Latvian music on 78 rpm records out there. There must be some somewhere, but as near as I can tell, this is extremely rare.

I found a web site that features pre-revolution Russian records ( and they were pretty excited about them. They were very happy to be able to add this Latvian music to their archive. This and one other (also from this collection) represent the entire pre-WWI, pre-Russian Revolution Lavian music on 78 rpm records in their archive.

If more are out there, I'd be happy to know.

These recordings are not enhanced, playing just as they came from the records. This record is in excellent condition, as shown in the photos and YouTube videos. It retains much of the original gloss and each retains high quality play surfaces.