I just acquired an old console style Wilcox-Gay Recordio model 6B40, The Cordovan, from a garage sale. Everything works, though it does need oiling and a tune up. In the cabinet were a bunch of cool accessories that came with the machine originally. Apparently, these folks never threw anything out.

It has been in storage since 1960 and was working when stored. I guess they got a tape recorder and never went back.

Click the images below for descriptions. Pretty much everything is described below.

This is the console. Click the image to see pictures.
Instruction Booklet
Here is some of the paperwork that came with the console
Ad Brochure
This is the microphone accompanying the machine. Cool!

These interesting picture disc record blanks were included

There were 2 albums with blank Recordio recording discs.
Last, here is the miscellaneous stuff, including cutting needles, playback needles, and misc paper that came with the machine.