Recorded on a 78 rpm Record Oct 8, 1953
Interview With a Korean War Hero

This is an official "HOUSE PARTY" radio show souvenir of Art Linkletters on-air interview with Capt Theodore R Harris recounting his ordeal of 14 months as a North Korean and Chinese POW. Apparently, he was the last officially released POW (up to this date) and all this time was spent in solitary confinement with interrogations being frequent and unpleasant. Capt Harris, his wife, and 7 year old daughter are interviewed on this show.

I did a little poking around on the 'net and found Theodore R Harris has quite a history, a real genuine American Hero!

He joined the Air Force in 1943 so he saw service during WWII. By the time of the Korean War, he made Captain and was piloting a B-29. On July 4, 1952, his B-29 was shot down over North Korea by a Russian ace (Major Anatoly Mikhailovich Karelin) flying a MiG-15. He and 10 of his crew were captured and interrogated by the North Korean's and made POW's until after the armistice.

He continued with the Air Force through the Vietnam War era and retired in 1975 as a Lt Colonel after 32 years with the Air Force. Really an American Hero!

I discovered this record and a few other interesting items recently at an estate sale.

CLICK HERE to hear side one of this record.

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Here is a picture of the label. I think ALCO is Art Linkletters own label for recordings made as souvenirs for guests on the House Party show:

These are pictures of the record surface. Side 2 is only partially recorded.